Friday, March 25, 2011

Farewell already

We're just back from another treat, courtesy of S. Munching on his bag of cheetos he says, "I think I've finally created a stir at you-know-where-we-work. People are gonna gossip about it for a day or two." Yeah  that's right, some recognition at last. It's not as if he'd had much of a chance in these few days he hung around here. He put in his papers today. It was coming since the day we joined and for many a day we've been joking about it. In all fairness, this wasn't exactly his dream job.

All day he was busy meeting one person or another explaining, submitting, wrapping up and the works.The moment he stepped into the room, we both chimed "treat!" and yes, we made good of his hospitality by wolfing down a couple of bars of five-star, an ice-cream or two, wafers, cookies... what! you're not interested?

"I was just waiting for one of you to ask" says he, "would I disappoint my sisters?" he puts on his cheeriest smile. We talk about his upcoming marriage, his prospectives speculating his weight over their first telephone chats with him, and we try to get him spill the beans about his next move, as he seems all too excited about it. He refuses to budge with an enigmatic, "ah, you'll know soon" and moves on. We move on too and continue having a gag about all things in general.

I will miss S. It took an R and an S to bring about laughter and a sense of belonging to an otherwise silent work environment. With one of them gone and the other actively looking to go any moment, it just doesn't feel the same.

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