Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just another day at work

So, the story about this afternoon was to strictly be about the hangover (if you can call it that) of last night's party, the graduation photo shoot of my students' and the spontaneous treat that R treated S and me to. Cut to the treat, 'coz what pleases the stomach, takes the pie (er... what are the idioms that do NOT involve the mentioning of food?)

Losing a ring that has a sentimental value would sure break your heart, and finding it after you almost lost it to the earth must make you feel like a billion bucks. Maybe that's why R decided to share her fortunes with us today! Happy are the folks that trot alongside their fair host to toast to the safety of their rings with a bar of mango ice-cream, fries, a bar of chocolate, some chocolate chip cookies, a double-decker sandwich, black currant smoothie, okay I exaggerate.. The ice-cream and fries were flushed down with a cool drink alright. Simple folks, enjoying their little moment of fun, out of their dreary work-spaces before winding up for the day. When you have colleagues like these, where's the time to rue?

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